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21st January 2013



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14th January 2013


A lot of people will unfollow me today but ya know what idrgaf


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14th January 2013


im friggin no. i cant . i wont handle. i will cry. i will dead. i will not words in 10 minutes . i will- //dead

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7th January 2013


BlockB.Infinite.BTOB…. stop… please stop. no

Taeil OTL Sunggyu OTL Ilhoon OTL Sungjae 

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3rd January 2013


Youngjae is perfect without makeup *w*

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1st January 2013


unencumbereddreamer said: Who got you hooked on your current obsession? Are you happy they did?

SHINee got me into kpop and i am proud they did image

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30th December 2012


All I see in my dash is Youngjae and his dick…..


*gif not mine* LOL

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29th December 2012


tagged by nikita155


Post the rules.

Answer the questions that the post asked and come up with 11 new ones.

Tag 11 people and link them to your post.

Tell them you have tagged them.

nikita155’s questions:

 1.Whos your bias?: right now its Youngjae…… dont kill mehhh


2.What nationality are you?: Amurrican

3.What kind of phone do you have?: pantech laser?

4.Do you like agyo?: aegyo* girls NO oppas YUSSS

5.Were you ever internet stalked?: yea…….

6.Are you addicted to tumbler?: tumblr* YES

7.If your bias said they love you and then propose to you, how would you react?: Is this a joke….

8.Do you ever look at someone and say omg I wanna look like them? Who?: No cuz even if im ugly i still like mehhhhh

9.If you can say anything to anyone right now, who and what would you say?: Youngjae oppa, our love is reallllllllllllllll LOL jk I would just tell him how much i appreciate his existance

10.Do you drool when you sleep?: *cough*

11.Do you think you are a good friend?: Yes but im not really social

My questions:
1) Whos your bias?
2) How many followers do you have?
3) What merch do you have?
4) Did you ever cheat on oppa?
5) What is the craziest thing you’ve done fangirl wise?
6) What was the last thing you’ve fingirled to?
7) Has kpop affected your grades?
8) Whats your nationality and ethnicity?
9) How old are you?
10) How tall are you?
im lazy to tag 11 people so ill just pick 4 random people :p
1) yellowbabybunny
2) strawberry-taffy
3) gemstar02
4) xbeyourselfx

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29th December 2012


how do you huys get your followers to talk to you


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26th December 2012


Dammit youngjaes surprise TT____TT

I wasnt expecting a duet !!! >.< dufuq?!nsjjddnjddn

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