~My name is Divina
~Born on February 17
~I'm Asian (Filipina) ^__^
~From the New York / New Jersey area
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* I Went to :

1) SMTown New York 2011 (October 23rd 7pm)

2) SNSD Fansigning in New York 2012 (Februaray 2) I couldn’t get their autograph though :/ I just took picture of one of the lucky peoples autographed poster.

3) Jay Park Fansigning 2012 (May 21st , 3pm )  GOT HIS AUTOGRAPH >:D *warning: ugly pictures :p

4) SM’s Youth Star Audition 2012 in New Jersey (August 4th, 3pm)

5) iHeartRadio: Wonder Girls (September 5th, 7pm ) I won tickets to go this from a radio station called z100 :D Fangirled on radio omg :O I GOT YENNY AND LIN’S AUTOGRPAH!

6)VIP tickets to Bigbang Alive Galaxy Tour (November 9, 2012 8pm ) 

7) B.A.P Live On Earth Apahm Tour Concert & Fanmeeting NYC (May 16&17, 2013 )

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